Who We Are

Marketing & Sales

Kutir Design & Construction Steels has an experienced marketing and sales team that is exceptionally talented, dedicated and objective oriented. Having customer satisfaction as their top priority, the sales team identifies the customer’s needs & requirements and responds to them professionally, systematically and on time. The Marketing Department forms a vital bridge enabling Kutir Design & Construction to understand and cater to the ever changing market needs. The team also looks after activities such as brand development, market research and feasibility studies, selecting and channelizing marketing activities through media, public relations activities and organizing exhibitions, seminars, etc. in order to accomplish the company’s vision & goals.


The engineering department of Kutir Design & Construction utilizes the standard code of practice and is equipped with analysis and design software such as STADD PRO, AUTO CAD & other internally developed Software’s. This software’s are handled by qualified structural engineers who are experienced in designing complex structures, enabling Kutir Design & Construction to come up with the best possible design for any project of any complexity. Through the use of advanced software controlled engineering and production, the quality is improved along with efficiency and optimization. The Engineering team is ever ready to answer all and any technical queries emanating from the client at any point of time.

Order Management

The Order Management team ensures that customer satisfaction is placed at the heart of our business. The OMD has the responsibility of live monitoring and controlling all ongoing projects to ensure their successful completion. To achieve the desired outcome on every project, the Order Management Department relies on a team of experienced engineers and professionals through all phases of the projects, namely – Planning, Design, Detailing, Production, Execution, Delivery and Erection.


Upon award of a project to Kutir Design & Construction, The Manager (OMD) assigns an OMD Engineer to handle all technical and commercial aspects associated with the project from inception to completion. At the outset of the project, the OMD Engineer prepares a base schedule defining all milestones and activities and identifies major subcontractors and special requirements taking into consideration the size, complexity, end-use and location of the project.


OMD communicates the project requirements to all other concerned departments within Kutir Design & Construction such as Purchasing, Engineering (Designing & Estimation, Detailing), Manufacturing, Logistics, Erection and Accounting. Throughout the execution phase, the OMD engineer proactively monitors, controls and reports the progress of the project and any associated variations to the client at regular intervals.

Delivery & Erection

Prior to commencement of shipment of fabricated steel to the site, the OMD team deputes a Project Engineer to assist the erection team in providing onsite service to Kutir Design & Construction’s clients. The Project Engineer makes very regular visits to the sites, throughout this phase of the project and communicates client needs to the OMD engineer ensuring efficient and timely response.


In addition to the Supply, Fabrication and Delivery, Kutir Design & Construction Steels through its Projects Department is also able to offer erection services. Erection is carried out by Kutir Design & Construction Steel personnel or subcontracted out to qualified Erectors who work under the direct management and supervision of Kutir Design & Construction. A project Engineer from Kutir Design & Construction will manage the project whenever erection is under Kutir Design & Construction’s responsibility. All revisions can be easily handled by coordination between Kutir Design & Construction’s engineering department and erection crew at site.